The Life of Dan Brown



June 22, 1964

Born in Exeter, New Hampshire



Graduates from Amherst College with degrees in Spanish and English

Lives in LA as Singer/Songwriter

1987 - 1993

Brown attempted to create a career as a singer/songwriter in Los Angles, where he meets a woman named Blythe

Moves back to New Hampshire w/ Blythe


After the failure of his musical career, Brown moves back to New Hampshire from Los Angles with his partner Blythe Newlon

Brown Begins his career as an author


While reading a book on the beach in Tahiti Brown realizes he could work as an author, and begins his writing career

Blythe and Brown are married


Married in a quiet ceremony with only few close friends

Brown publishes his first 3 books

1998 - 2001

Publishes his first 3 novels titled, Digital Fortress, Angels and Demons, ands Deception Point, which began his success

Brown publishes The DaVinci Code

March, 2003

His most famous novel, which he is mostly known for. In a mere 3 years the 40 million copies sold of this book earned him an astounding $171 million.