World War One


Assasination of Franz Ferdinand and his Wife

28 June 1914

It has been said that WW1 was caused by this event

Britain declares war on Germany

August 4, 1914

War started with Britain and France on one side and Germany and Austria and Hungry on the other.

Australian Navy and Military Force lands in New Guinea

11 September 1914

Australia sails to Europe

1 November 1914

Britain bombards Turkish line in Dardanelles

19 February 1915

ANZAC s land in Galipolli

25 April 1915

Australians landed in the wrong place and were attacked from the cliffs by the Turkish soldiers.

ANZAC's Evacuate Gallipoli

19 December 1915

Battle of Somme

1 July 1916 - 1 November 1916

Australian forces had 24 000 casualties. On the 15th September Britain bought in tanks to help them. Bad weather ended this battle

Battle of Fromelles

19 July 1916 - 20 July 1916

Australia's first major battle. It was designed to distract the German forces.

First Conscription of Australian Troops

28 October 1916

Aust Light Horse Brigade enters Damascus

1 October 1918

Armistice Between Germany and Allied Forces

11 November 1918

An Armistice was signed to stop the fighting and Peace talks could begin between the Allied forces and Germany

Paris Peace Treaty started

18 January 1919

The Treaty of Versailles was signed with Germany

28th June 1919