Salvation History


Creation and The Fall of Man

Approx. 4004 BC

Adam and Eve are Created by God but sin an fall from the saving grace of God.

Noah and the Flood

Approx. 2455 BC

God saw the wickedness of man and decided to give man a second chance through Noah and start over by destroying the earth by water

God Calls Abraham

2090 BC

God call Abraham to draw closer to Him and made a covenant wilt him to make his seed great.

God calls Moses

1446 BC

God calls Moses to lead the people of God out of Egyptian bondage Gives them the 10 commandments (Law of God)

Nation of Israel

Approx. 1365 BC - Approx. 6 BC

Time of Judges
The people demanded Kings like other nations
Kingdom Divided
Both Kingdoms defeated and taken into captivity

Jesus Life

Approx. 6 BC - Approx. 26 AD

Birth of Jesus
Jesus Public ministry
Jesus Death
Jesus Resurrection


Approx. 30 AD

Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to aid in mans redemption and the start of the newly formed Christian Church

Paul's conversion and missionary journeys

Approx. 32 AD - Approx. 57 AD

Jesus Christ preached to all nations

Approx. 100 AD - Approx. 2016 AD

John the last disciple of Jesus dies around 100 AD. Believes continue to preach and spread the Gospel through out the world to every nation until the return of Christ.

Apocalypse / New Heaven and New Earth

Approx. 5000 AD

The present earth is destroyed
Christ Return
God's Final plan for redeeming man is realized.
New Heaven and New Earth