The Land of Croatia


Settled by Croats

Approx. 600

Roman province of Pannonia is settled by Croats in the 7th century. Croats were a slavic tribe that came from Poland and Western Ukraine. This is the start of Croatia.

Croats become independent


Invaders from Byzantine and Frank are defeated and the Croats become their own independent kingdom. peak of Kingdom is in the 11th century

Civil War

1089 - 1091

Civil war happens in 1089 and its conquered by hungary in 1091

Pacta Conventa


A document signed by croatian tribal chief and the hungarian king and it tied the two countries politically together

Hapsburg Kingdom of Croatia

1527 - 1868

Croatia is ruled by Austrian King Ferdinand I of Hapsburg after the battle of mohac

Croatia is a part of Hungary

1867 - 1918

Croatia being apart of Hungary is because of the Austro-Hungary Kingdom and it lasted until the the collapse of Austria-Hungary because of World War I

Croatia becomes Yugoslavia

October 29 1918

With It's independence from Hungary Croatia joined a union with Serbia, Slovenia, and Montenegro. In 1929 the union was named Yugoslavia.

Germany Invades Yugoslavia

April 4 1941 - 1945

Yugoslavia is taken over by Germany and Croatia becomes a Nazi controlled state. Thousands of Serbs and Jew are killed in the Four years Yugoslavia was being taken over by.

Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

29 November 1945 - 24 June 1991

After World War II, Croatia was apart of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia but still fought independence and in 1991 the Yugoslavia states broke up and Yugoslavia ended.