Bacon's Rebelion



Approx. 1674

Around 1674 Bacon comes to Virginia to settle.

Powhatan Indians removed the treaty protected lands


farmers demanded the Powhatan Indians are removed from their treaty-protected lands. The resentment of the Indians leads to a series of conflicts with the Doeg tribe. 14 friendly Susquehannock Indians who are loyal to the English are killed

Nathaniel Bacon is a new member of Virginia Council of state

March 3, 1675

Sir William Berkeley appoints the wealthy and influential Nathaniel Bacon as one of the several new members of the Virginia Council of State

Doeg Indians attack

July 1675

Does Indians attack Thomas Mathews Plantation. Over some goods he got from them that he didn't pay for

Colonists and Doeg Indians fight over pigs.

September 1675

Conflict between the colonists and Does Indians over alleged theft of some pigs

Colonist attack Parley

November 1675

November the Susquehannock held out for 6 weeks when 5 chiefs came out to parley the colonist attacked and killed them.

Nathaniel bacon were furious at the prospect of a rise in taxes the low prices for tobacco


bacon’s rebellion spring: colonists including Nathaniel bacon were furious at the prospect of a rise in taxes the low prices for tobacco and resented the special privileges given those close to the governor many colonists also believed that Berkeley was failing to defend the frontier against attacks be native Indians.

The militiamen go against the governors and attack friendly Indians.

Approx. 1676

Bacon's rebellion in the Spring: Nathanial Bacon as the leader of Militiamen in the upper reached of the James River Valley goes against the governors instructions and prepares to attack friendly indians

Bacon captures Jamestown

July 1676

Bacon's forces and control Jamestown for the next few months

Bacon's Declaration

July 1676

Bacon publishes his declaration to the people of Virginia.

Jamestown was burned

September 1676

The whole city was burned

Bacon dies.

October 1676

Bacon dies of "bloody flux".

Sir William Berkeley returns to England

Approx. 1677

The commissioners from England report that both sides of Bacon's rebellion should share the blame and Sir William Berkeley returns to England.

Soldiers arrive form England.

January 1677

England had sent 1000 soldiers to help Bacon, but they had arrived after the rebellion ended.

William Berkeley dies

Approx. July 9, 1677

Sir William Berkeley dies before he can gain as audience with king Charles.