AP Euro Timeline


Hundred Years war

1337 - 1453

War between France and England over federal disputes that lasted 116 years, with fighting divided over the course of that time.

The Black Death

1346 - 1400

A plague from rats imported from ships from Asia that caused the death of 1/3 of Europe.

Italian Renaissance

1350 - 1527

Period of relative peace and intellect throughout Italy that lead to a great deal of art and culture, ending with the sacking of Rome

Northern Renaissance

1450 - 1648

Until 1450, the Italian Renaissance had little effect on Northern Europe. However, ideas began to spread, leading to a Renaissance period in Northern Europe and ending after the Thirty Years' War

Commercial Revolution

1488 - 1776

Period of European colonization and mercantilism which lasted from 1488 with the first European sailing around the Cape of Good Hope and ended around the time of the American Revolution in 1776

Rule of King Henry VIII of England

1509 - 1547

Had 6 wives and not as many kids, and broke from the Catholic Church because the Pope didn't agree with him divorcing. Made his own church, died because of health issues including obesity.


1517 - 1648

The Protestant Reformation began with Luther's posting of his 95 thesis and lasted until 1648, after the Thirty Years' War

German Peasant Revolts

1524 - 1527

Inspired by changes brought by the Reformation, peasants in western and southern Germany invoked divine law to demand agrarian rights and freedom from oppression by nobles and landlords.

Council Trent

1545 - 1563

Council of the Roman Catholic Church that met at Trent in S Tyrol. Reacting against the Protestants, it reaffirmed traditional Catholic beliefs and formulated the ideals of the Catholic Reformation.