Major Events in the Production of Movies


First Experimental Movie


Photographer Eadweard Muybridge created multiple still photographs of a horse, and when viewed in a sequence it appeared to be galloping.

First Special Effect


Alfred Clark, creates the first special effect. In the middle of an execution scene, Alfred replaces the actress with a mannequin, right before the axe came down.

First Kiss on Film


The Kiss, is know as the first film showing the action of kissing. This film was just seconds long, but was quickly banned.

First Colored Movie


Edward Turner creates the worlds first ever, colored film.

First Movie Theater


Nickelodeon was the name of the first theater designed for showing movies. It was located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and was established in 1905.

Nestor Company


The Nestor Company was established in 1911. This was the first established company in Hollywood, CA.

First film with a Female Director


Lois Weber, became the first American Women to direct a film in 1914.

First Remake


Cecil B. DeMille, was the first person to ever remake a film in 1918. It was actually a remake of one of his own films from 1914.

First 3D Film


The first 3D film was created in 1922, unfortunately the film was later lost.

First Movie with Sound


The Jazz Singer was the first movie with sound, it was released in October of 1927.

First Film on TV


In 1933 the first film was shown on TV.

Wizard of Oz


One of the worlds most memorable and favorite movie was released in 1939.