Middle Eastern timeline


Ottoman Empire


The Ottoman Empire constipated and made it an Islamic empire

Ottoman Empire takes over

1500 - 1918

The Ottoman Empire became the largest Empire in the world controlling North Africa, Southwest Asia and southern Europe all because of Suleiman

Ottoman Is losing power

1700 - 1918

The Ottoman Empire starting to lose power over time

Turkey is here

1918 - Present

The Ottoman Empire sided with Germany in World War I and lost all of their land apart from the country we now know as Turkey

The Holocaust


This is a part of World War II when 6 million Jews were killed at concentration camps or just out in public

Israel is created


The UN gifted the Jews with Israel because of the Holocaust that happened in Germany during World War II and didn't think of other countries

Israel Wars

1956 - 1973

Many wars were fought between the Jews and the Arabs on choosing whose land it belong to



Israel seized East Jerusalem but many Palestinians still think that Tel-Aviv was the rightful capital

The Persian Gulf conflict


Iraq starts to invade Kuwait because the access water Kuwait has. The Iraq government agreed to a truce but left 1000 oil fields on fire the United Nations embargo Iraq's oil exporting

Operation Iraqi freedom


The US UK and Australia and other countries launched a military invasion in Iraq. The UN thought Iraq still had WMD's and was aiding Al-Qaeda. Houston's government collapse and now is a democracy no WMD's were found Houston was captured in December 2003 and executed in December 2006

Operation enduring freedoma


The United States believed the Taliban was hiding Osama bin Laden. May 2nd 2011 Navy Seals raided Osama Bin Laden's compound and was shot, killed and identified. Buried within 24 hours