History up to 1500


Fertile Crescent

10,000 B.C.E - 3,500 B.C.E

River valley civilization
Egypt- Nile River
Mesopotamia- Euphrates River and Tigris River
Gobekli Tepe

Hang He and Yangtze

3500 B.C.E - 2500 B.C.E

River Valley civilization

Indus Valley Civilization

2500 BCE - 1700 BCE

River Valley Civilization

What is today: Afghanistan, Pakistan and north-western India.

Cyrus' Empire (Achaemenid Empire)

558 BC - 330 BC

In Persia (SW Asia)
Birth of the Silk Road
Darius the Administrator (younger kinsman of Cyrus)

Life of the Buddha

500 B.C.E

North India

Qin Shihuangi

221 B.C.E

Declared himself the first Emperor
Centralized Imperial Rule

Qin Dynsasty

221 B.C.E - 206 B.C.E

Unification/ Legalism/ Tyranny

Han Dynasty

206 B.C.E - 220 C.E

Bureaucracy/ Confucianism
*Buddhism came to China


4 bc - 30 ad

W. Asia

Muhammad's Life

570 - 632

SW Asia


602 C.E

China near Chang'an

Tang Dynasty

618 CE - 907 CE

Central and SE Asia
Cosmopolitanism/ Splendor
Interested in foreign ways, less patriarchal than China, women had prominent roles

Abbasid Caliphate (Empire)

750 - 1258

SW Asia: Iraq
Capitol- Baghdad
Cosmopolitanism/ Muslim-Persian
-House of Wisdom; Sufis

Mongol Empire

1206 - 1368

China-The Great Khans. (Khubilai)
Central Asia- Khanate of Chaghatai
Persia- ilkhans
Russia- Khans of the Golden Horde

Ibn Battuta

1304 - Approx. 1369

Africa and West-Central-South-East Asia


1336 - 1405

Turkish Conqueror.
Central Asian Empire- Rivaling that of Chinggis Khan
Deeply influenced 3 surviving Turkish-Muslim states