Francisco Pizarro's Conquest of the Inca


Pizarro sailed to Columbia and Equador

April, 1528

Traveled with Indian interpreters. Landed at Tumbes which is known today as Puerto Pizarro

Inca Civil War

May, 1528

Inca leader Wayna Capra exposed to smallpox and died. Capra had to name a successor, he chose one of his sons Atahuallpa or Huascar. This cause a bloody civil war.

Pizarro returned home to get royal backing

June, 1529

Pizarro returned to Panama first, then to Spain. He got royal backing to concur the Inca . Charles V and the Queen if Spain gave him support.

Pizarro returned to Tumbes


Pizarro returned to Tumbes which was destroyed by the civil war. He went to the interior with deadly weapons like guns and mechanical crossbows. He recruited Indians who were hostile to Atahuallpa.

Alahuallpa imprisoned

December 1533

Alahuallpa imprisoned by the Spanish He tried to buy his freedom with gold.

Alahuallpa's Execution

April, 1534

Alahuallpa thought he was freed. Pizarro had him executed after finding him guilty of treason. Pizarro thought he was plotting against him. His brother Huascar was assassinated by an Inca general.

Inca Revolt


The Inca tried to revolt. The Inca had too few weapons and warriors. They fought hard and like heroes but they were defeated. Pizarro's conquest of the Ina was done.