my timeline


My Birthday

July 14 2006

I was born 10 days after the 4th of July and my due date was July 13th 2006.



Sometime in 2007 I met Anna when we met it was at my house and I had a rocking horse and Anna wanted to get on but I was guarding it so Anna could not get on.


June 16th 2009

On June 16th my brother Brock was born .When he was about two he got bit by a dog in the face and it hit his cheek and ear.



In kindergarten I went Texas to see my uncle I went to an crocodile place. The crocodiles were not in a cage i was in the middle so I was safe.

new kid


IN 2013 i was a new kid at my 3rd school i was in second grade but even though I was new Anna was there with me and she had been here in first grade.



When I was at a pool I was going to go down the slid with my dad and I went down before the lifeguard said so and I was alone. When I got to the bottom of the slide it was very deep to me and I could not swim since it was so deep nobody saw me for a while but then a life guard saw me and it was a man he dived in and saved me.



My best friend Sierra transferred to Gary but now my best friend is Victoria Preheim. It was terrible when sierra transferred but now Tori is my friend.



Some time in 2015 my mom Connie adopted me right before school.

wind turbines

October 14th, 2016

Deuel county is thinking about getting wind turbines Victoria and I are against wind energy.



I will graduate from Deuel school in 2024 .If we don't move or if i'm smart enough.