The Discovery of Cells


Antonie van Leeuwenhoek's life

1632 - 1723

When Antonie van Leeuwenhoek read Robert Hooke's book about cells he was interested and built his own microscope, going on to grind far more advanced lenses. He also discovered Bacteria while examining the teeth of old men who had never brushed their teeth.

Robert Hooke's Life

1635 - 1703

Cells First Discovered by Hooke


In 1665 Robert Hooke published a book called "Microphagia" he had drawings of what he saw in a microscope while observing slices of cork.

Matthian Jakob Schleiden's Life

1804 - 1881

Theodor Schwann's Life

1810 - 1882

He was inspired by Schleiden's work and he looked at animal tissue, proving that animals are made up of cells as well. He also discovered that each cell has a nucleus.

Rudolph Virchow's Life

1821 - 1902

He conducted experiments that showed that cells reproduce. These findings are take the place of the old theory that cells are created through "spontaneous generation"

Study of Plant Tissue by Matthian Jakob Schleiden


He looked at plant tissue and found that cells are what make up plants and that plants grow by making new cells.

Theodor Schwann Concludes All Tissue Consists of Cells