Evolution of Facebook

By Ekeesha Manhas


Facebook website launched

February 4, 2004

The website was founded by Mark Zukerberg with some of his college roommates and Harvard student, Eduardo Saverin.

Facebook hit 1 million users

December 4, 2004

This was when facebook had gotten 1 million users.

Minimum age law became required


Only people 13 and older were allowed to use facebook.

Facebook had 100,000 business pages


These pages allowed people to promote themselves and attract customers which helped them in businesses.

Facebook set up International Headquarters

October 24, 2007

Facebook had announced that they would set up their International Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

Facebook became most used social media service

January 2009

Compete.com announced that Facebook was the most used social network service by the worldwide monthly active users. Entertainment weekly also stated that it was part of the best-of list.

Facebook hit 500 million users

July 2010

Facebook had hit 500 million users making it the largest online social network of all time!

Facebook decided to move headquarters


Facebook decided to move their headquarters to Menlo Park, California.

Facebook took down almost 20,000 pages

March 2011

Facebook took down 20,00 pages due to spams, underage use, and graphic content,

Facebook announced app centre

March 2012

Facebook announced App Center, which sold applications used in Facebook. This store was available on iPhones, Androids, and mobile web users.

Facebook underwriters cut their earnings

May 22, 2012

The Yahoo! finance website reported that Facebook's underwriters cut their earnings for the company.

Facebook announced alliance with 19 countries

April 15, 2013

Facebook had announced an alliance with 19 different countries.

Facebook changed its logo

April 19, 2013

Facebook changed its logo to remove the faint line below the 'F' and the 'F' moved closer to the bottom of the box.

Facebook introduced hashtags

June 12, 2013

Facebook introduced clickable hashtags to help users follow different trends in discussions, or make it easier for them to search a topic.

Facebook won an Emmy

September 2016

Facebook won an Emmy for its short film "Henry".