1972 Olympics


World War II

September 1, 1939 - May 8, 1945

World War II

Berling Blockade

June 24, 1948 - September 30, 1949

U.S and Great Britain drop supplies into western Berlin via air.(Soviets had Blocked half the city due to growing tensions between U.S)

Warsaw Pact

May 14, 1955

NATO was established in effort to keep communism contained

Berlin Wall Erected

August 13, 1961

East German troops and Soviets build the Berlin Wall in order to stop Eastern German Citizens from crossing to Democratic West Germany

Munich wins bid to host Olympics

april 26, 1966

Germany win bid to host Olympics, hopefully regaining trust from other countries due to the reign of Hitler.

Moon Landing

july 20, 1969

U.S successfully land two astronauts in the moon and bring them back to Earth

Four Power Agreement on Berlin

September 3 1971

The agreement laid the foundation for a series of East-West Germany agreemnets

UNEP Established

June 1972

United Nations creates UNEP to act on environmental recommendations proposed during the Stockholm conference

Munich Olympics

august 26, 1972 - September 10, 1972

Munich Massacre

September 5, 1972

8 Palestinian terrorists take 11 Israeli Athletes hostage then later execute them

1976 Olympic Ceremony

July 17, 1976

The Israeli team wore black ribbons in memory of the victims that died during the Munich Massacre of 1972

German Reunification

October 3, 1989

Berlin wall falls and Germany reunites

Honor the fallen Israelis from 1972

August 3, 2016

The Olympic Committee honored the 11 fallen Israelis from the Munich massacre of 1972 for the first time