Toward Independence Timeline


King George III is crowned the King of England


The Quartering Act ordered colonial assemblies to provide British troops with quarters, or housing.


The Stamp Act ordered colonists to buy a stamp for every piece of paper purchased.


The Townshend Act placed a duty on certain goods, such as glass, paper, paint, and tea, imported from Britain.


It was imposed because of the colonists' bad behavior.

The Townshend Acts are repealed.


The Tea Act lowered the cost of tea and gave the British East India Company complete control over tea sales in the colonies.


It was an attempt to save the British East India Company. It made the British East India Company tea cheaper than smuggled Dutch tea.

The Intolerable Acts were a new series of harsh laws. King George decided that the issue was no longer taxes, it was about Britain's control over the colonies.


Boston Harbor was closed until all of the tea that was tossed overboard during the Boston Tea Party was paid for. The government of Massachusetts was under British control. Soldiers accused of murder were tried in England.

The First Continental Congress Meets