History Project #2 By Mikayel Bejanyan


Francisco Pizarro - 1st voyage to the New World

November 1524

Francisco Pizarro - 2nd voyage to the New World

November 1526

A lot of Incas died because of smallpox and Civil War

Approx. March 1528

The Queen let Pizarro "discover and conquer Peru"

July 1529

Incas were attacked by 160 Spaniards.

Approx. 1532

Spanish attacked because Atahuallpa threw the Bible on the ground.

November 1532

Spanish wanted more gold from Atahuallpa

Approx. December 1533 - Approx. December 1534

Incas resisted in the war even though they had a lot of disadvantages. Eventually they lost.

Approx. March 1534