Slave Trades

1619 - 1808

Atlantic passage and Middle passage

POV of slavery during and after the American Revolution

1775 - 1800

Made laws in order to not lose "property"

Transportation Revolution

1780 - 1830

Westward expansion, Americans moving west

Era of western Expansion

1787 - 1890

US expanded to the West coast revolutionizing America for the future

Thinking about roads and transportation

1790 - 1830

Private Cobble Stone Roads existed which made it impossible to move from Maryland to Illinois

Building of the Erie Canal

1817 - 1825

Man made canal to transport goods

Missouri Territory apply for admission


Missouri enters as a slave state, only state above the 36 30 line

Hamilton vs Jackson vs the nullification crisis

1828 - 1832

Debate over tariffs placed on the English to influence people to buy American products

Trains are Introduced


Trains are introduced to make travel of movement of goods and people faster

National Road


Gateway to the west

Cival War

1861 - 1865

Halfway through the war people were asking themselves weather it was a fight for freedom of slaves.

Emancipation Proclamation


Prepared people for the 13th Amendment which lead to Growth of presidental and Federal powers

Civil Rights Act, no discrimination on juries and public transportation


Separate But Equal


Policies of Reccconstructing