Emperor Justinian Timeline


When and where he was born

482 AD - 565 AD

Justinian was born in Tauresium around 482 AD.

Life before he became the Emperor.

518 AD - Present

He was adopted by his childless uncle. He was brought to Constantinople to guarantee his education by his uncle Justin. Justinian acted as a close confident and advisor.

How /when he met his wife Theodora

522 AD - 565 AD

They met when she had just been controverted to monophysitism, a non-orthodox doctrine

How did he become the ruler of the Byzantine Empire

525 AD - 527 AD

Justinian became Caesar in 525. On April 4, 527, Justin made Justinian his co-emperor and gave him the rank of Augustus. Justinian's wife Theodora received the rank of Augusta. Then, when Justin died on August 1, 527, Justinian went from joint to sole emperor.

examples of his wife’s influence over him in decision making.

532 AD - Present

Theodora influenced Sostinians legal and spiritual reforms. She proposed laws that protected the rights of women in the empire.

Hagia Sophia

537 AD - Present

Haiga Sophia is a great architectural beauty and an important monument.

Justinian’s Code

540 AD - 565 AD

It was the collections of laws and legal interpretations developed under the sponsorship of Byzantine Emperor Justinian.

Efforts to recapture the West

545 AD - 565 AD

However, even after Justinian’s immense efforts, after his death, most of Italy, Southern ... Justinian’s reconquests in the west were not permanent.