St. Aidan's


In The Beginning

Approx. 5/1/1993

Rt. Rev. Frank Allen announced at St. David s in Roswell that the Diocese would open a mission church in the Alpharetta area. The Reverend Noel Burtenshaw was founding rector.

First meeting...

feb 1994

February 1994: The new mission of St. David’s held its first organizational meeting.

To Know Jesus Christ and Make Him Known

March 1994

March 1994: The mission held its first steering committee meeting and adopted the mission statement, “To Know Jesus Christ and to Make Him Known.”

First Eucharist

Approx. 4/3/1994

The new mission celebrated its first Eucharist at sunrise on Easter Sunday at Windward Sports Park. 75 people participated.

First Sunday Service

Approx. 6/26/1994

St. Aidan s held its first regular Sunday service in AT&T building 400 off Windward Parkway.

St. Aidan s Becomes a Parish

Approx. 11/1/1994

The Diocesan Council recognized St. Aidan s as a full parish.

First Eucharist in New Church

Approx. 4/1/1997

The new St. Aidan s Episcopal Church held its first Holy Eucharist.

First Transition Begins

Approx. 6/1/2003

The Rev. Noel Burtenshaw retired as rector.

Parish Life Building

Approx. 9/1/2004

The Parish Life building was completed.

Search for Rector Complete

Approx. 10/1/2004

The Rev. Rob Wood became the second Rector of St. Aidan s.

Burtenshaw Hall Dedicated

Approx. 5/15/2005

The parish celebrated the ministry of our first rector, Noel Burtenshaw, by naming the new Parish Life building Burtenshaw Hall.

Preschool Started

Approx. 8/15/2007

The first classes were held at St. Aidan s Preschool.

20th Anniversary Celebration

Approx. 3/1/2014

St. Aidan s celebrated our 20th anniversary.

Second Transition Begins

Approx. 2/1/2016

Rev. Rob Wood answered a call to the Church of the Good Shepherd, Cashiers, North Carolina.

Search Committee Formed

Approx. 7/1/2016

The search began for the next Rector of St. Aidan s