Contributions to Cell theory


Robert Hooke

1663 - 1665

Discovered the honycomb like structure in a cell. Also discovered the cork (dead cells around a cell wall.).

Anton van Leeuwenhoek

1674 - 1683

Anton improved the lenses of microscopes to see further into the cell. He also found animalcules, which is molecules in animals meaning theres cells in animals too.

Robert Brown

1773 - 1858

Discovered the Nucleus in the cells. He is commonly known for finding random movements in cells.

Theodore Schawnn

1837 - 1839

He found out that plants have cell tissues in the plant cells.

Matthias Schleiden


He found out that plants have cells. He was a german botanist and cofounder of the cells with Theodore and Ruldolph.

Ruldolph Virchow


Found out that plants of divisions of cells.

Lynn Margulis


Found the eukaryotic cells.