Tech Timeline


analog clock


When the clock was invented it was new to everyone, the thought of time was new. Now that we have time it helps us all get ready and now we know well be able to do something and know we have enough time.



The bike was amazing it was a good transportation it was also a new item that only rich people had. Now we have cool bikes with motors for us to go fast. This has helped many people who are slow travel very fast.



The pencil we know and use today was invented in1795 by a scientist serving in the army of napoleon. Before it was invented we had no possible way to write without ink and remove our mistakes. Now thanks to the pencil students can rewrite our mistakes and put the correct answer down

house phone


At first we had weird looking phones that only had one service and was only made by one company that stuck to the wall. After a bit they slowly evolved so we could put them in a few different places. Now we have better WIRELESS home phones that are a lot easier to use. We can also use our smart phones to view what calls we get on the house phone.



The type writer started what we use now for computers at first people had a big bulky machine now we have small key boards, wireless keyboards, and virtual keyboards. Type writers were used for letters and office documents. And thanks to it we can now have digital writen documents.



When the first car came out it was amazing the thought of transportation without a animal or human being labored was surprising. Now a days we use cars to get wherever we need to be we also use them for fun. Also now we have more reliable cars

music player


When the music player came out it was so cool that you didn't have to have a person singing in front of you and that you can have it at your house. Now we have them on our phones and our computers. And thanks to the music player we can listen to music on the go or at home when we are board.

compund bow


When the compound bow was invented we had never used a bow with sights on it. So now we can aim with our bow and shoot a different distance then before. Now that we have compound bows we don’t have to worry about scaring the animal.

digital camera


When the digital cameras came out it was a revolution for photographers because now you’ll be able to see what you took before you print. If it weren’t for digital cameras it would be hard to take good pictures.



When drones with cameras were for sale it was a new name for the spy game. You would be able to connect them to a computer and view anything that it saw and that was amazing.

Promethean board


People for so long had to use chalk on the chalk board then we got the white board. The problem with the white board was we always were looking for a marker that worked. Now we have the promethean board which allows us to hook up a computer and see whatever we had on it. We also can write on it without markers.

gameboy advanced


When the gameboy advanced was released we had just finnished with the gameboy color. Before this handheld console was realesed we had to find a lamp to keep our screen lit up but when this was released it had light built into it. It was also the first handheld that did not require double a batteries.



When the tablet was invented we were now able to play games and watch videos on the go. I think if they didn't start little kids would not have any tech to play on.

bluetooth speaker


Bluetooth speakers were the best piece of tech for your phone to buy. When it was invented it was now possible to have your iPod in the living room and have your speaker in your room. If they weren't built it would be annoying to have a speaker.



When the Xbox 360 came out it was a step up for gaming. Before we had the Xbox 360 we had to have a PlayStation 2 to play online but this was a step up because we would not need to plug it into the adapter.

playstation 3


Shortly after the Xbox 360 was released we got the ps3. it wasn’t to much different from the Xbox 360, BUT it did offer a bigger variety of games. Some people say it is better for online play because its cheaper to play online.



When beats were invented we had normal head phones not really good ones we have now. When they were invented they were the best on the market.



This smart phone called the black phone is amazing. This phone is made special so that you can be very secure. It has been stripped down of features that would allow people to get information. It has also been uploaded with tons of encryption codes on texting and calling.

nerf gun rival


When this automatic nerf gun that shoots foam balls was released I thought it was an air soft gun. It posses airsoft gun and nerf gun like qualities but better. Now that this has been released it has revolutionized nerf guns.