A piece of the South Manchuran Railway was bombed

September 18, 1931

Supposedly the Chinese blew up a piece of Japanese owned railway, a claim mated by the Kwantung Army. The evidence however pointed to the KA as the perpetrators. Enough to start Japanese movement into Changchun the next day.

The May 15th Incident


Japanese army and naval officers attack banks, police officers, and police headquarters in Tokyo. Prime Minister Tsuyoshi was killed. The very public trail brought a lot of support to their actions.

Hirota Koki is Prime Minister

Approx. 1936 - Approx. 1937

Was weak and made many compromises with the military. Signed the Anti-Communism Pact with Hitler

The March on Tokyo

Approx. February 1936

150 Koda-ha officers took over the parliament buildings, police buildings, and the Prime Minister's Residence. Martial Law was proclaimed and the plotters surrendered even though they were close to victory.

The Second Sino-Japanese War Begins

July 7, 1937

War breaks out for a second time because of a Japanese Soldier going missing when he went to relieve himself in the woods. Although the Japanese believed that the war would be fast and simple it dragged on and depleted all of Japanese resources

Rape of Nanjing

December 13, 1937

After the fall of Nanjing the soldiers and civilians were treated brutally. Many, many women were raped, estimated 30,000 of whom died because of it. 12000 civilians were killed. And the city was left in fire and destruction

The Triparite Axis Pact is signed

September 1940

Japanese foreign minister Matsuka Yosuka signed this pact with Germany and Italy. It agreed that they would dominate Europe and Japan dominate East Asia.

The US and Great Britain begin to take notice of Japan's actions

July 24, 1941

After Japan moved into the southern Indo-China, they could attack Thailand, Malaya, and Dutch East Indies. The US and GB were scared and froze all of Japan's resources. They also began to strengthen their defense and aiding Jiang in China

Prime Minister Konoye Resigns

October 1941

After Konoye resigned General Tojo Hedeki becomes Prime Minister. This gives the military complete government control.

Attack on Pearl Harbor


Although the US and Japan had negotiations for close to a year the Japan decided that they had to send in air bombers to destroy the USs pacific fleet and did destroy 90% of it. 2403 were killed and 1178 were injured. There are many perspectives surrounding this event.