History Foreign Policies


End of WW1


Germany surrender and many German troops feel betrayed by their Government.

Signing of the Treaty of Versailles

28 June 1919

Germany pay huge reparations, Lose land and restricted military.

23 - 28 Stresseman keeps its steady.

1923 - 1929

Stresseman helped improve the Germen economy from 23 to 29 by creating jobs for the german people and also created the Great Coaliton.

Wall Street Crash of 1929


The War Street crash destroyed German economy and America requested that Germany pay back their loans imediately. Millions of German workers became unemployed.

Withdrawal from disarmanent


This was a smart play by Hitler when he requested that other nations reduce their armies to Germany's level when they refused Hitler left the League of Nations and made France look unreasonble. Hitler than began to increase the army.

Non Aggresion pact with Poland


This pact was another politcal play by Hitler as it weakened Poland's relations with Britain and France.

The saar was returned to Germany


The Saar was returned back to Germany

Building an Airforce Luftwaffe


Germany starting rebuliding their airforce to even though it was against the Treaty of Versailles.

Four Year Plan


Hitler told Goring that Germany needed to be ready for war in four years time.

Hitler signed the a Pact with Japan


This worried Britain a lot about their colonies in the East.

Taking the Rhineland


Hitler sent troops straight into the Rhineland a take it back, this was a big risk taken by Hitler as France could have retaliated by killing all the troops that were situatated there.

Rome Berlin axis


Germany and Italy formed an alliance where they would back each other in a war.

Anschluss of Austria


Hitler easily gained power over Austria, this didn't bother Britian as they just thought that Germany were just joining the Germen speaking nations. However this did bother France and they wanted to restrict Germany.

Supreme Commander Minister at war


Hitler made himself the Supreme Commander Minister at war so he made himself leader of the army.

Annexatation of Czechoslovakia

1938 - 1939

Germany invaded Czechoslovakia and took over the nation which proved that Hitler was not just interested in creating a Greater Germany and that he had lied in Munich.

France and England Guarantee Poland

February 1939

England and France guaranteed that they would help Poland if war was to break out

Ribbentrop - Molotov pact

Jul. 1939

Germany and Soviet Union formed that they were both attack Poland and a non aggresion pact.

Germany Invades Poland

1 September 1939

France and England declare war on Germany

3 September 1939