Deaf Education


Early Deaf Education

1500 - 1700

Very rigid - drilling information into student's heads.
Put heavy stress on written language, with sequential process as following <noun; verb; other parts of speech>

Juan Pablo Bonet


Published the first book about fingerspelling

Deaf Education Evolves

1700 - 1800

Process still very structured, but was evolving into a slightly more well rounded approach

Thomas Braidwood

Approx. 1760

Kept secretive, did not publish teaching strategies. He was rumored to use fingerspelling, signs, reading, and writing within his teachings.

Abbe De L'Eppe

Approx. 1760

Founded the school for the deaf in France.
First to share methods; shared a dictionary of signs

Jacob Pereira

Approx. 1780

One of the first individuals to use the natural approach.
Developed IEPs

Natural Approach

1800 - 1900

Laurent Clerc


Co-founder of the first American school for the Deaf

Hartford System


Gallaudet and Clerc brought system of French Deaf Ed to USA
Used the Theory of Ciphers to adapt into The Hartford system

Roch-Ambroise Cucurron Sicard


Theory of Ciphers - structure for original sentences in French
Taught Laurent Clerc and Thomas Gallaudet