My life


My birth

March 26 2003

I was born in Florencia, San Vicente del Caguan i was deliverd en el Hospital de Maria Immaculate

My mom falls into a coma

March 27 2003

The day after I was born my mom fell into a coma, and no one was there to help her

I get regected

march 28 2003

A few days after I was born my father did not want to assume the responsibility as a dad so he said that I was not his child and that my mom cheated on him with another man.

I go home

April 2 2003

My mom finally woke up from her coma and my dad decided to give the whole dad thing a chance, so we all go home.

My first birth day

March 26 2004

My mom planned a birthday for me and invited some of her friends, me father missed my birthday because he was to busy cheating on my mom

I turn 2 years old

march 26 2005

I turn 2 years old and one of my aunts has a baby

My mom opens her shop

Jul 4 2005

My mom decided to open her own shop and sell clothes, shoes and accessories so that when my father left us we would not starve or loose our home.

I turn 3

March 26 2006

I turn 3 years old and my dad leaves me and my mother.

A new world

sept 9 2007

Me my mother and my father move to Canada