History of the World



1096 - 1270

A long religious war that gave the Christians a chance to catch up with the Muslims in technology.


1300 - 1600

Time period where the people of Europe improved on the quality of their life through arts and culture.

Ottoman Empire

1300 - 1900

A military society that comprised of Ghazis and Emirs. They originated from southwest Asia and were the first to use cannons in battle.


1300 - 1600

Time period where humanism and scientific ideas began to rise in favor of spontaneous and supernatural beliefs.

Ming Dynasty

1368 - 1644

An era in China where commander Hongwu drove the Mongols out of China. During this time, a philosopher name Confucius spread his political ideas of Confucianism through China.

Age of Exploration

1450 - 1600

Time period where Europe was sailing across water in search of new trade routes to Asia. This lead to the discovery of North and South America.

Mehmed II

1451 - 1481

Ruler of the Ottoman Empire. He conquered Constantinople and opens it up to other religions.


1467 - 1568

A period in Japan where individual states are at war with each other.

Ivan III

1467 - 1505

The Grand Prince of Moscow that conquered the areas around Moscow, liberating Russia from the Mongols and centralizing the Russian government.

Christopher Columbus reaches America




Cortes lands on Mexico to control it for Spain.

Suleyman the Lawgiver

1520 - 1566

The ruler of the Ottoman Empire who pushed into Central Europe.

Spanish defeat the Aztecs


Mughal Empire

1526 - 1857

An Empire that was established in India that had a series of inefficient rulers. They also built the Taj Mahal.

Spanish defeat the Incas


The good period

1547 - 1560

A period in Russia under Ivan the Terrible's rule. He obtained more land, and created law codes.

Ivan IV

1547 - 1584

Nicknamed "Ivan the Terrible," he was the first czar of Russia. He marries Anasthesia Romanov.

The bad period

1560 - 1584

A period of time under Ivan the Terrible's rule, which lasted until his death. He creates a police force to punish the Boyars, the people he blamed for Anasthesia's death. He then kills his own son. He dies three years later.

Netherlands declare their independence from Spain


Roanoke Colony was established in North America


This was the first European settlement within North America. It didn't last because of how everyone mysteriously disappeared.


1600 - 1854

Japan enters a state of isolation, preventing them from interacting with the rest of the world.

Tokugawa Shogunate

1600 - 1868

An order that was created by Tokugawa Ieyasu, a general that unified all of Japan after the Sengoku period.



The first permanent English settlement within North America.

Thirteen English Colonies

1607 - 1733

Thirteen English colonies that were established along side the eastern coast of North America. These colonies later break free from Britain's control.

Galileo Invents the Telescope


English Civil War

1642 - 1649

A war between the English Parliament and King Charles that started because the king broke the Petition of Rights. Parliament wins the war and King Charles is executed.

Qing Dynasty

1644 - 1912

An Era in China where the Manchus conquered China. The resulting leaders reduced taxes, gave government jobs, and established foreign trade.

Industrial Revolution

1750 - 1840

A time period where people were advancing and making the transition to new manufacturing processes.

French Indian War

1756 - 1760

A war between the British colonies and France over the Ohio territory in North America. France allied with the Native Americans while the colonists allied with Great Britain. The colonists win the war.

British East India Company

1757 - 1874

Company that gained control of India with its own army. It then allowed Great Britain to imperialize India.

American Revolution

1775 - 1783

A war that was between Great Britain and the colonists on North America. The colonists win and gain their independence from Great Britain.

Declaration of Independence


A statement that was signed by the officials of the Thirteen Colonies. It declared their independence from Great Britain.

French Revolution

1789 - 1799

Time of political and social unrest within France because of their poor financial state. This resulted in Napoleon Bonaparte rising to power as the leader of France.

The Cotton Gin was Invented


The U.S began to Industrialize


Mexico Gains Independence from Spain


Crimean War

1853 - 1856

A war between Russia and the Ottomans. Russia wanted the Ottomans' warm water port and decided to fight them for it. The Ottomans sought for help from Europe. The Ottomans win the war, but they reveal how weak they are to Europe.

Berlin Conference


A conference held between the European countries to see who would control certain parts of Africa.

Partition of Africa

1885 - 1914

European countries each take control of individual sections of Africa through imperialism.

World War I

1914 - 1918

A large war that involved many European countries in the triple alliance and triple entente. It ends up becoming one of the bloodiest wars in history while also setting the stage for World War 2 to start.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand


He was the heir to the Austrian-Hungarian throne and was assassinated by Serbians and sparked the start of World War 1.