Jayavarman II proclaims Independence from Java

802 AD

Reign of King Yasovarman

889 AD - 910 AD

East Baray at Angkor is Completed

890 AD

King Suryavarman I expands the Khmer Empire

1002 AD - 1049 AD

Suryavarman I starts construction of the West Baray at Angkor

1006 AD

Reign of King Suryavarman II during which time construction of Angkor Wat occurs

1113 AD - 1150 AD

Angkor Wat is Dedicated to Vishnu

1131 AD

Khmers defeat the Cham from neighbouring Champa kingdom in battle

1145 AD

Champa launches surprise attack on Angkor

1178 AD

Jayavarman VII is crowned king; construction of Angkor Thom, The Bayon, Preah Khan and Ta Prohm begins

1181 AD

Jayavarman VII defeats the Cham and introduces Buddhism

1190 AD

Death of Jayavarman VII

1218 AD

Chinese Diplomat Zhou Daguan visits Angkor

1296 AD

Khmer Empire is overrun by the Thais


Khmers abandon Angkor

1432 AD

Portuguese encounter Angkor Wat

Approx. 1500 AD

Japanese draw a plan of Angkor Wat

1600 AD

Henri Mouhot discovers Angkor Wat and publishes a book about the temple

1858 AD

Major Restoration of Angkor Wat Occurs

1960 AD