Social Studies notes


Manifest Destiny


Developed from America's desire to settle new lands

The thrist for new lands


The Oregon Territory extended from the Pacific Ocean to the Rocky Mountains, bordering Russian Alaska to the north and California to the south

Texas Independence


When the Mexicans abolished local rights, rebellion broke our in Texas. In 1835, Mexico's president General Antonio Santa Anna marched an army north to subdue the rebels.

Election of 1844


As the presidential election of 1844 approached, the issue of territorial expansion took center stage. Former President Van Buren, a Democrat, and Henry Clay, a Whig, were expected to be the rival canidates

Division of oregon


The risk of war with Mexico pure pressure on the United States to settle the Oregon question. It was one thing to shout, "Fifty-four forty or fight"!

War with Mexico

april, 1846

Mexican soldiers crossed the Rio Grande and attacked a small group of United States cavalry.