Development/Study of Physical Education 'Happenings'


Foreign influence begins U.S. development of P.E.

Approx. 1800 - Approx. 1830

Physical Education in the U.S. begins to show

Approx. 1820

Schools begin to focus on gymnastics, hygiene, and development of the human body

Approx. 1820

Round Hill Private School was the 1st city school system to offer physical education in public schools

Approx. 1823

The first college gym is established

Approx. 1826

Early roots of teacher prep. for P.E. in the U.S.

Approx. 1850 - Approx. 1861

Men's Christian Association launches 1st chapter and focused on physical activities

Approx. 1851

Colleges encouraged to focus on sports like football and track/field

Approx. 1851

Cincinnati, Ohio becomes the 1st city school system to offer physical education in public schools


Vassar College creates physical training program


Importance of physical education becomes known

Approx. 1865 - Approx. 1886

States begin to pass laws that require physical education to be incorporated into schools

Approx. 1865

California becomes the 1st state to pass a law requiring exercise periods twice a day in public schools

Approx. 1866

Association for the Advancement of Physical Education formed

Approx. 1885

Brooklyn Normal School for Physical Education opened

Approx. 1886

Physical Education emphasis shifts from games and sport to physical conditioning

Approx. 1939

Improvements are beginning to be made in the development of Physical Education

Approx. 1939 - Approx. 1972

Over 400 Institutes introduced physical education majors

Approx. 1950

President's Council on Physical Fitness established to improve falling fitness levels of youth

Approx. 1953

Title IX opens the door for women in fitness

Approx. 1972

The importance of Physical Education in children is noticed

Approx. 1990 - Approx. 2011

American's with Disabilities Act allows equal access of sports/recreation facilities to those with disabilities

Approx. 1990

No Child Left Behind Act relates physical education to a child's educational success

Approx. 2001

Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act requires physical education for special education children

Approx. 2005

SPARK Program strives to improve health of children, adolescents, and adults

Approx. 2011