The Mexican American War

The Mexican American War, also known as the invasion of Mexico, began on April 25, 1846 and ended on February 3, 1848. The war started following the 1845 Annexation of Texas. This is because Mexico considered Texas part of their property. By the end of the war Mexico had lost roughly 1/3 of its property, including present day California, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada.


Mexico gained freedom from Spain

September 27, 1821

Though Mexico declared independence from Spain in September of 1810, it was not recognized until September 27, 1821. From 1810 to 1821 Mexico fought a war of independence against Spain, which ended in Mexico becoming free from Spain's liberal policies.

Battle of Gonzales

oct 2 1835

A battle in which Texans and Mexico fought, known as Texas' War of Independence. The battle did not free Texas from Mexico, thus more wars were waged against Mexico.

Texas gains freedom from Mexico

April 21, 1836

After battles such as the battle of Gonzales, the battle of Concepcion, and the battle of the Alamo, Texas finally gained freedom after the battle of San Jacinto. General Santa Anna was captured and forced to sign a treaty which gave Texas freedom and ended the war.

Mexico Declares Defensive War on US

April 23, 1846

Mexico declares defensive war. it would defend territories under attack, but would not take the offensive.

Captain Seth Thorton's Reconnaissance Force Ambushed

April 25, 1846

When Captain Seth Thorton's small reconnaissance Force was ambushed near Brownsville, the Mexican American war had really begun. The small event lead to an entire war and many deaths.

Battle of Palo Aalto

May 8, 1846

The battle of Palo Aalto is the first major battle of the war. Americans were victorious, which started a long history of defeat for the Mexicans.

US declares war on Mexico

May 13, 1846

Even though the war began on April 25th, 1846, the US officially declared the many battles with Mexico a full blown war on May 13, 1846. The war lasted until February 3, 1848.

Colonel Stephen Kearney Begins to Invade.

June 16, 1846

On June 16, 1846 Colonel Stephen Kearney started to gain on New Mexico and California to Invade. Kearney doesn't invade New Mexico until August 18th and San Diego until December 12th.

Battle of Buena Vista

Feb 22, 1847 - Feb 23, 1847

The battle of Buena Vista is the last major battle in the war. The battle was inconclusive, as each side claimed it as a victory.

General Winfield Scott defeats General Santa Anna

April 18, 1847

At the battle of Cerro Gordo, the north Invaded first, where America proved to have the ability to take on large armies. General Scott left the clear winner of the battle.

Armistice between US and Mexico Made

August 24, 1847

Though an armistice between the US and Mexico was made and signed, it only lasted about 2 weeks.

Armistice Breajs down

Sep 6, 1847

While the Armistice was signed, it quickly fell through. General Scott thought the Mexican warriors were breaking the terms of the Armistice.

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Feb 2, 1848

Nicholas Trist and the Mexican Government agreed on the Treaty of Guadalupe Higalgo, which stated that almost 525,000 square miles were added to the US territory. This treaty ended the Mexican American War.

Mexican Congress Ratifies Treaty

May 30, 1848

The treaty giving the US almost 525,000 miles of land was given consent to by the Mexican Government.

The last US Soldiers Depart Mexico

July 15, 1848

After the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was ratified, US troops ended the war and left Mexico. The last of the troops left Mexico from Veracruz.