Evolving theories of matter


Stone age

8000 bc - 6000 bc

Stones were used as tools to help with different types of stuff

They learned to control fire.Fire helped them achieve or gain more useful items like cooking their food,able to harden mud bricks, Making harder tool also lead to the creation of glass.

Iron age

1200 BC - 1000 bc

learned to produce steel
This made harder and sharper tools for hunting

earth ,wind ,fire, water

360 bc - 1650

Greek philosopher made a theory that every thing is made of earth wind fire or water particles
Later people started to believe in his theory

The list of Chemicals twas born


The list of chemicals was made by Lavoisier.
Naming all of the chemicals
made it easier to talk about each other discoveries

John Dalton


John Dalton
first to define purse substances
Stated that every thing is made up of a particle named Atom

Rasin bun model


Thomas created a theory about atoms
That they contain native and positive charged spheres like a raisin bun model.


1898 - 1907

Rather ford suggested that the atom was empty so positive electrons can pass though but the was something in the middle and he called that the nucleus.

Bohrs Model


Bohr Theory was that The electrons s in the atoms do not just move randomly.They jump between shell's gaining or losing their energy.
The theory Got Bohr a Nobel prize in 1922.
Bohrs Model helped discover that in the nucleus their are positive charges called protons and neutral partita;s called neutrons.
people still used Bohrs model today as an example.

Modern time

Approx. September 23, 2016