Matter over The Years


Stone Age

8000 B.C. - 6000 B.C.

In the Middle East
-They only used stone for weapons.
-Fire was only used for warmth and to cook.
-Fire was a topic of research

Iron Age

6000 B.C. - 1000 B.C.

-Began to extract rocks
-Steel weapons emerged
-Research about Gold and Copper began
-Investigated liquids


Approx. 484 B.C.

-The term 'Amotos' came into play
-Amotos referred to the early theories of matter

Robert Boyle


Robert Boyle began to study Gas and Matter

Antoine Laurent Lavoisier

Approx. 1770

-Antoine studied chemical interactions
-He named chemicals

John Dalton


-John further developed the Theory of Composition of Matter
-Created Raisin Bun Model

Canadas Contribution


Canada played a role in discovering the central nucleus

Niels Bohr


-Discovered Electron Shells
-Discovered Protons
-Discovered Neutrons