Stone Age


Start Of Stone Age

8001 B.C

Stone Age

8000 B.C - 1200 B.C

They only used stone tools in this time.
They learnt about fire and how to use it.

Start of The Iron Age

1201 B.C

Iron Age

1200 B.C - 1000 B.C

Started mining iron.
Started in the Middle East.


400 B.C

Kept breaking down materials into atomos, when they counted be broken down more.
they were named after the word meaning indivisable.

New Interest In Atoms


a greater interest in understanding the nature of matter and change than the alchemists had.
based their theories on observations and experimentation.



Alchemy (pseudo science) Science mixed with magic.
kept trying to make gold.

Behavior of Gasses


Robert Boyle experimented with the behavior of gases.
He was interested in what happened when gases were placed under pressure.
determining the composition of gases and other substances.
convinced that matter was made up of tiny particles.

The Chemical System


Antoine Laurent Lavoisier studied chemistry and made a stem for naming chemical

Smaller Particles


John Dalton suggested that each element is composed of particles called atoms.
found a Particle smaller then Atoms called Electrons.

Bohr's Model


electrons move In a circular Orbit.
named Electrons positive or negitive