My Extended Project


Project plan

13 June 16 - 27 June 16

Decide on my title and complete my project plan by this end date

Collection of Secondary Data

18 June 16 - 25 July 16

Collection all of my secondary data and references/ analyse them

Planning of Primary Data

4 July 16 - 29 August 16

Plan my questions for interview my employer, Family (Grandma) and conduct an email to send to a vary of sources that work with MS needs to be completed y the end date set

Initial Planning on PPR

11 July 16 - 25 July 16

Update my PPR and compete my iniial planning

Update on work

5 September 16 - 6 October 16

Update PPR, Skills Audit, References, evaluation and reflective diary

Collection of Primary Dta

17 October 16 - 13 November 16

Start to gather my primary data from all sources- Work, Family and Email

First draft report and complete by end date

20 October 16 - 8 December 16

Should start first draft report on the 20th Nov and carry it through to the end date.

Completion of a mid point review on PPR

3 November 16 - 11 November 16

Complete the mid point review on PPR and assess my project to then decide what needs to be completed next to be able to start writing up a draft report


1 December 2016 - 12 January 2017

Finish presentation for project and present in mid januarr

Final report write up and complete by end date

12 January 17 - 3 march 17

After Christmas edit and write up for the final report and hand in by the end date.