Tragedy Girl


The Accident

October 29,2007

Anne's parents got into a car crash because someone ran a red light at full speed and hit her parents. Three months later, Anne had a Funeral for her parents.

The move

November 1,2007

Anne excepted the offer to move in with her aunt and uncle. The only problem was, their location was three hundred and forty miles away. It was located in the beach town of Hollis, South Carolina-on tiny Hollis island. She had to finish her last year of high school with her aunt and uncle.

The Boy

November 14,2007

As she adjusts to being the new girl, she happens to run into a very cute boy and wants to keep talking with him. As they continue talking, she soon realizes that he has had a similar problem in his life. Blake's girlfriend, Cara, drowned at a bonfire over the summer.

Watch out

november 22,2007

Even though Anne thinks she is now able to trust this guy she just meet a couple weeks ago, everyone is warning her to stay away from him. he has apparently caused major trouble for his family and the school. he is in therapy because he cant handle his emotions about his girlfriend being gone. he has gotten several days of ISS and OSS for using inappropriate language, not following the teachers instructions, walking out of class or doing something to disturb the class. he isn't kind to his parents and is having troubles focusing.

Rumors about Blake

december 15,2007

rumors have been passed around about what's been happening to Blake. some suspect that since Cara, his girlfriend, her b0ody has not shown up. people think that he has her body and is hiding it because he cant stand the point of her leaving completely.

blake and Anne

December 17,2007

Anne and Blake were only friends because of the tragedy's that have happened to them. Anne was whiny and Blake was to perfect for his own good. although the only thing keeping them together is the deaths of his girlfriend and her parents, they some how block out all of the negativity and still like each other


january 1,2008

blake decides that since they know each other and having feelings for each other, he would tell her something special. although he just lost someone recently that he loved, he realized he has to move on...anne and blake both say love you or I love you to each other but blake calls her babe and baby non-stop!


january 3, 2008

Jamie was a new student at the school and Jamie and blake became very close. blake never told Jamie about the death of this girlfriend that happened recently. so besides jamie not knowing about blakes dead girlfriend, they knew everything about each other.

anne tells jamie

january 15, 2008

Anne and Blake are now a couple but she doesn't feel as if they should be dating because he just lost someone. Anne and Jamie meet for the first time and she thinks he is a very nice guy, almost to nice. anne was asking blake if they ever had any evidence of where the body might be. Jamie questioned an as soon as blake told Jamie the full story, he didn't know what to do


january 22, 2008

Anne decides to go swimming and she goes by herself really late at night. blake never stopped her from going and gave her his permission. when anne goes swimming, she never came back. there is no evidence of where anne went. she was never found and blake dropped out of school to keeping looking for her but she never showed up.