Timothy Grassel Life Events Timeline



March 10th, 2001

This was the day I was born, I was born in providence.

Father Leaves for War

January 2002

This was when my father left my family for six months to join the Marines in the United States war in the Middle East.

Father Returns Home Safely

July 2002

This was when my father returned 6 months later from the war, unharmed and deemed as a hero to our family and nation.

First Grade

September 2007

This was the first time I entered official schooling and began my school career.

2nd Grade

September 2008

This was my first day of grammar school, continuing g my school life for another 5 years.

First year of Middle School (6th grade)

September 2012

This was the beginning of the first year of my middle school career

First Year of High School

August 2015

This was the beginning of a new age and my high school journey.

First Science Fair

April 2016

This was the first science fair i participated in, a milestone for highschool students.

First High school Dance

May 2016

Though awkward.. this was my first high school dance, which is a large part of the high school journey.

First AP Exam

May 2016

This was the first Advance Placement test created by the college board I took, it was one of the more difficult things I overcame during this age.