Early People in the America's



3000 BC

in alaska, greenland, and canada. they were the first to use the bow and arrow and were very good with it. ivory tools, stone tools, and few iron tools


1980 BC

confederacy between many tribes that were in the same alliance. the five main ones were mohawk, seneca, cayuga, onondaga, and oneida. they built long multi-generation wooden family houses. they used the slash and burn method in order to clear land for farming and hunted wild fish and game(animals). they also domesticated animals.

Plains Indians

0 AD

they used bows and arrows as their main hunting tool. they would force the animals into small areas or off a cliff to kill them for meat, hides, and bones pinions nuts were a big source of food.

North-west costal Indians

0 AD

lived on acorn nuts, were joined together to protect their land from people stealing their nuts. would catch fish and preserve them during the winter so they had food. they had totem poles to show their religion and wealth.


100 - 1200

In the four corner states. the most powerful tribe in the south. the chaco cannon was very useful for trade but very dry and difficult to grow crops in. They had amazing architecture and the religious ceremonies were underground. Brought down by drought


100 - 600

large villages with great communication between different villages. important people were buried. they got most of their food from animals due to the large forests. not a good farming area


200 - 1400

in the southwest of north america. set a workforce to have enough water to people and plants during tough droughts (canals). small towns only about 700 people.

Maya Empire

600 - 1400

The Mayan's were a very advanced settlement for this time period. They made a calendar, numbers which included the concept of 0, and used hieroglyphic writing. They had an amazing economy because of fair taxes and trade throughout all of Mexico. Codices were pieces of "paper" to write down religious ceremonies that were preformed in a temple. The Mayan's fell to the Spanish conquistadors in the 15th century.


700 - 1600

Large plazas revolving around temples for religious ceremonies. a sun god. anyone important to chief is buried with them so they can be together throughout the afterlife. jobs collecting soil and traders. a lot of river trading on the Mississippi river. bad soil so they collect better soil for farming.

Aztec Empire

1200 - 1500

the Aztecs were very violent and often sacrificed human hearts and blood thinking that it would end the drought in the 1450's. The capitol was Tehachititlan, an "island in the middle of the lake, and the city was based around the large sun temple. They would drain swamps and fill them with fertile soil in order to maximize crop production. Were brought down by the Spanish in the 16th century.

Incan Empire

1438 - 1600

The Incan's had amazing irrigation systems which made it possible to farm on the andes mountains. They perfected freeze drying their food and built fantastic roads across valleys that lead to storage areas and other cities. Overthrown by the Spanish.

Spanish arrive in South America

Approx. 1500

The Spanish were extremely powerful and conquered the Mayan's, Aztecs, and Inca's. This was mainly due to the fact that they brought over deadly diseases that wiped out many natives.