600 C.E - 1250 C.E


Slavic Trading Villages- Trade and People

600 C.E

Silk Road- Trade and Societal and People

618 C.E

Tang Dynasty- Government

618 C.E

Arab conquest of Armenia-Societal

632 C.E

Religious change to Islamic

The Umayyad clan took control over the Islamic Caliphate after the fourth caliph, Arabic was the language used for trade- Trade

661 C.E

The Tangs Chinese defeated by arabs at the battle of talas- societal

751 C.E

this marks the end of the Tang western expansion

the Rus viking Ulrich founds Novgorod- intellectual


Turikids Dynasty- Political

862 C.E

Novgorod- Religion and People

862 C.E

Princess Olga- Religion

955 C.E

Vladimir of Novgorod conquers Kiev


Vladimir Becomes Christian- Religion and People

988 C.E

Russia converted east orthodox and created their own orthodox religion- religion

1000 C.E

The city of Chernigov builds the church of the transfiguration- Religion

1035 C.E

St. Sophia is completed in Kiev- Societal

1047 C.E


Grand prince of Kiev was the title of the Kievan Prince and ruler of Kievan Rus'-Government


Russians moves their capital from Norgorod to Kiev- Government and Trade

1067 C.E

Omar Khayyám, mathematician and astronomer, writes four-line verses, or quatrains, in his spare time- “The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit- Intellectual

1080 C.E

the city of Vladimir is founded by Monomakh


Moscow Is Founded- People and Trade

1147 C.E

Constantine was sent to rural towns of Rostov and Yaroslavl- Intellectual

1207 C.E

Mongols conquer Central Asia, pushing Turkmen westward toward Caspian Sea- Societal

1219 C.E

Mongols Destroy Kiev- Government

1240 C.E