Origins project 1


Event 1

July 1st 2009

Finn became a disney host in the magic kingdom.

Event 2

July 3 2009

Finn get crossed over to Disney while he's sleeping.

Event 3

July 4, 2009

Finn crosses back over to the magic kingdom and is attack by pirates.

Event 4

July 6 2009

Finn and the other kingdom keepers meet together for the first time with Wayne an old imagineer. Who tells them about the Overtakers.

Event 5

July 7 2009

Finn and the other kingdom keepers look for clues in the magic kingdom and they find a hidden passage way in the its a small world ride. While they are in the passage way they are attacked by the dolls who come to life.

Event 6

july 8, 2009

Finn skips school to meet up with the kingdom keepers at his house.

Event 7

July 10 2009

When Finn and the other kingdom keepers go into the kingdom they find a clue to who the Overtakers leader is. When they find this clue they figure out that maleficent is there leader.

Event 8

July 11 2009

After they found out maleficent was the Overtakers leader the kingdom keepers found out that Overtakers plan was to destroy Disney and take over the world.

Event 9

July 12 2009

Determined to prevent the Overtakers from taking over the world the kingdom keepers confront Wayne to ask how they can defeat maleficent and the Overtakers. Wayne explains to the keepers that she is highly vulnerable to electricity.

Event 10

July 13 2009

When the keepers enter the magic kingdom they new were to find maleficent because Wayne had told them that she usually roamed near space mountain. So they made a plan to lure her to the power generators on Main Street USA.

Event 11

July 14 2009

As the kingdom keepers are setting up the trap Finn calls out to maleficent. She comes almost immediately. With the electric wires they put on metal rods the keepers jump out and attack her. With the sudden attack maleficent cant do anything against the electricity and dies almost instantly.

Event 12

July 15 2009

After the kingdom Keepers victory they bag her body and take it to Wayne to see what they should do with it. Wayne is surprised to see that there paln had work. The keepers then ask ed Wayne what they should do with it and he told them to throw it in typhoon lagoon.


July 16 2009

After the keepers dispose of the body they come to Wayne to ask if they had defeated the Overtakers, but he said they were long from defeating the Overtakers and that trouble was brewing in Epcot.