Byzantine Empire



Approx. 657 bce

Byzas is believed to be the founder of the Greek settlement Byzantium; it eventually became a major port.

Darius I

590 bc

A Persian, Darius I, conquers and destroys Byzantium.


479 bc

Byzantium is rebuilt by the Spartans.


479 bc - 340 bc

Byzantium was fought over by Sparta and Athens.

Alexander the Great

336 bc - 323 bc

Alexander the great gains control of Byzantium


179 bc

tribute imposed by Celts on city; war between Byzantium and Rhodes 1st and 2nd centuries B.C.: city helpful to Rome in several wars, but city then controlled by Rome

Roman Emperor Severus


Byzantium was captured and controlled by the Roman Emperor Severus

Roman Emperor Diocletian


under the rule of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, Byzantium became the eastern center of the Roman Empire.



The eastern roman empire was defeated by the west and Byzantium was renamed Constantinople after it's new developer Constantine

Capital of Byzantine Empire


after the fall of the Roman Empire, Constantinople became the capital of the Byzantine Empire.



Emperor Justinian further develops Constantinople as the capital of the Byzantine Empire in religion, laws, architecture, etc.

Greek Influence

Approx. 565

The city of Constantinople adapts Greek culture.


Approx. 600

In the 7th and 8th century, numerous Arabic or Muslim invasions on the city leads to the shrinking of the Byzantine Empire.

Emperor Basil I

Approx. 800

Throughout the 9th and 11th century, Emperor Basil I reclaims Constantinople's former reputation as well as revive Greek culture in art, literature, exc.

Division from Rome


Constantinople and Rome are divided by dispute between religious beliefs and become terminate affiliation. Rome, papacy and Constantinople, Greek Orthodox



after numerous attacks by the crusaders (starting around the 11th centaury), Constantinople is finally captured.

Ottoman Turks

Approx. 1300

The Byzantine Empire loses its land in Asia to the Ottoman Turks



Constantinople is finally taken by growing Ottoman empire and made its capital; the city is again renamed and becomes Istanbul

Sultan Suleiman I

1520 - 1566

Under the rule of Sultan Suleiman I, Istanbul is prosperous, and is known for being a center of learning and religious tolerant.

Decline of the Byzantine Empire

Approx. 1566

The Byzantine Empire declined and was replaced by the growing Ottoman Empire.