Hero by: Mike Lupica Made by: Virginia Mossburg


Meet Tom Harriman

Approx. january 2010

Tom Harriman is a father, works for the president, and isn't like the other agents that work for the president, because he is more like a superhero than an agent. But when he was going back home after finishing his mission his plane crashes and leaves Zach Harriman (His son), and other family members devastated...

Meet Zach Harriman

Feb 1, 2010 - February 2010

Zach Harriman was excited that his dad was coming home and he will finally get to hang out with him because all he wants is to have a dad who isn't always at work, but when he gets home he gets welcomed by a crying mom saying he is dead... Zach was heart broken because he won't be able to see his dad...

Feeling bad about himself

Mar 1, 2010

That night finding out his father died Zach Harriman, he had flash backs about the night before his father left to never being seen again, about how he treated his dad, He didn't liked that his dad was always gone for his job so he got mad at his dad and walked away from him.

One of Zachs flashbacks

May 2010

Zach was remembering the moments with his dad, but this one in particular was when he and his dad were watching a football game and while watching it he started to get angry because of his dad actually having time with his son. So to get his mine off of things he went out without anybody with him.

Zach helped a woman before she got mugged

Jun 1, 2010

Zach finds out that his dad had super powers

September 2010

His mom knew that his dad had superpowers after Zach ran super fast to the Hamptons to New York and he had to tell his mom that is how that came up. His mom thought he will become a super hero, like his dad.

Zach started fighting the cap guy

February 2011

The cap guy or A.K.A. the guy who almost mugged the lady in the beginning started to try to hurt his mom but he lost him, the cap guy.

Came back from long island

March 2011

when he came back he was welcomed by his mom and his uncle John who was proud of him being a super hero.

Zach was in part of a movie

Mar 1, 2011

it isn't important but just he was in a movie in the book...

Zach watching someone die in front of his face

August 2011

He was saved from getting shot and watched the guy die, but he tried to save him from dieing.