Syrian Civil War


Pro-Democracy Uprisings / Shooting

March 2011

Pro-Democracy protests broke out in the city of Daraa after teenagers had been captured and tortured for writing revolutionary slogans on a school wall. Security forces opened fire on these protesters creating the first killings of the uprising.

Security Forces Raid Sit In

April 2011

The forces of Syria raided a sit-in occurring in the city of Homs.

Uprising Gains Control

June 2011

Uprising gains control of their first town.

The Uprising Grows

July 2011

Hundreds of thousands of protesters began rioting demanding President Assad's resignation.

Peace Becomes a Priority


Major global leaders begin discussing methods to restore peace back to Syria.

Civil War Begins


Violence is spreading throughout Syria and begins to seep into the capital city of Damascus. Militias were formed to fight against the government for cities, towns, and the countryside. The Syrian Civil Ware has begun.

90,000 Deaths

June 2013

The UN announced the conflict had resulted in 90,000 deaths.

Syrian Refugees Reach 2 Million

October 2013

According to the UN the number of Syrian refugees had reached Two Million in October of 2013.

Isis Strikes

July 3 2014

ISIS takes control of Syria's largest oil field.

US Air Stikes

September 2014

US coalition begin air strikes within Syria "in an attempt to 'degrade and ultimately destroy' IS".

250,000 Deaths

August 2015

The UN claims the conflict has resulted in 250,000 fatalities. Rockets filled with the nerve agent sarin were fired at several suburbs of Damascus.

3 Year Siege Ended

December 2015

A three-year siege of the Homs suburb of al-Wair was successfully brought to an end in December 2015.