atom scientist



406 bc

He studied natural philosophy. He came up with the atomic theory, " The universe is composed of two elements."

John Dalton

1766 - 1844

He was a English chemist. He came up with the idea that all elements consisted of tiny particles called atoms.

J.J Thomson

1856 - 1940

He was an English Physicist. He discovered that atoms had electrons.

Niels Bohr

1865 - 1962

He discovered that electrons travel in separate orbits.

Ernest Rutherford

1871 - 1937

He discovered that atoms had a nucleus.

Erwin Schrodinger

1887 - 1961

He said that electrons were constantly moving and didn’t have one definite or fixed position in the atom.

James Chadwick

1891 - 1974

He discovered neutrons, and that the atomic number is determined by the number of protons in a atom.