Johann Baptista van Helmont

Approx. 1577 - Approx. 1644

Johann Baptista van Helmont introduced the process called

John Woodward

Approx. 1665 - Approx. 1728

John Woodward concluded that plants need water and that soil is essential to the weight of a plant.

Stephen Hales

Approx. 1677 - Approx. 1761

Stephen Hales suggested that plants retrieve something from the atmosphere to survive.

Charles Bonnet

Approx. 1720 - Approx. 1793

Charles Bonnet found a way of measuring the rates of photosynthesis and found that when leaves are in water they release bubbles.

Joseph Black

Approx. 1728 - Approx. 1799

Joseph Black was the first to discover carbon dioxide and and latent/specific heat.

Joseph Priestley

Approx. 1733 - Approx. 1804

Joseph Priestley had a theory relating to combustion which turned out incorrect but did pave the way to photosynthesis concepts today.