Roman Timeline


Roma (Rome) was formed by Romulus.

753 BC

The Circus Maximus was built.

600 BC

Roma and Carthage fight in the Punic War

264 BC

Plague spreads through the Roman Empire.

165 BC

Spartacus leads the revolt of the Gladiators (3rd servile war)

111 BC

Julius Caesar- Into power

60 BC

Chassis, Pompey, and Caesar form a "Triumvirate"

60 BC

Julius Caesar-Out of power

44 BC

The Forum was built

29 BC

Octavius appoints himself "Augustus" first Emperor.

27 BC

Augustus-Into power

27 BC

Augustus-Out of power

14 AD

Claudius-Into power

41 AD

Claudius-Out of power

54 AD

Nero-Into power

54 AD

Nero orders the assassination of his mother.

59 AD

Nero sets fire to Rome and blames Christians for it.

64 AD

Coliseum is completed

80 AD

Nerva-Into power

96 AD

Nero-Out of power

98 AD

Antoninus dies and heir designate Marcus Aurelis, a Philosopher emperor.

161 AD

Lucius Aurelius Verus-Into power

161 AD

Lucius Aurelius Verus-Out of power

169 AD

Aurelius dies and his teenage son Commondus succeeds him.

180 AD

Constantine 1-Into power

305 AD

Constantine baptized himself giving way for christianity

337 AD

Constantine 1-Out of power

337 AD