U.S. revolution book time line


French and Indian War

1754 - 1763

This was the war that really started the tax increase on the American colonie's from the war devts.

the stamp act


This was one of the first tax acts seeking revenue from the colonys (this one wason paper).

the Townsend acts


The acts put a tax on meny of the things imported to the colonie's, and had been later repeled from massive boycotts

Boston masscre


It was the first real confrontation of the British and the colonist, and had later became a simble of liberty.

Boston tea party

Approx. 1773

In response to the tea act the colonists had acted agenst the act by tossing tea leaves into the harber.

first continental congress


This was the event in which the first meeting of all the colonys got together to talk about rebellion.

coercive acts


These were the acts that had limited the power of Massachusetts, mainly in Boston, and had also was the last thing that had brought all of the colonists together for a rebellion.

second continental congress


The Second Continental Congress was the meeting in which a central government was formed for the main purpose of fighting the British.

declaration of independence


The Declaration of Independence was the document that stated that the colonies were banning together to brake away from from England.



The Battle of Yorktown started the downfall of the British Army in America, and eventually the end of the Revolutionary War.