out of my mind


Fish dies

2012 - 2013

Melody's fish dying is an important event because of the symbolism

The docters


at the doctor's office melody was tested to see if she was able to a regular school a lot. she failed it because she can't talk but her mom fought for her

elementary school

2013 - 2014

this is important because this is when melody feels like everyone else and the fact that she wasn't suppose to be there puts more importance on the event

Ms.V tells melody to roll over

2014 - 2015

this happen earlier in the book when melody was explaining how ms.v Tells her to do it. Even though melody thinks to herself she can't ms.V tells her she can

flash cards

2016 - 2017

the flash cards is important because it helps melody communicate

Mom comes to school

2017 - 2018

When melody's mom comes to school because she was screaming was an important event for her because, this is when she found out that she doesn't have to take anything she doesn't want


2019 - 2020

when penny was born this changed everything for melody she had to become more independent

5th grade

2021 - 2022

5th grade was important for melody because in 5th grade she felt more free, she met her soon to be friend rose also

the machine

2023 - 2024

This is important for melody because it makes it easier for her to move