Petrograd bread ration hits its lowest level at 50g pp/per day

march 1918

Poland invades Ukraine

april 1918

Czech Legion joins white forces

may 1918

Petrograd workforce decreased from 3 million to 2 million

june 1918

Romanovs executed

17 July 1918

Czech Legion captures Kazan

august 1918

On Red Terror

5 september 1918

Mass strikes in Moscow and Petrograd

February 1921

This was due to cutbacks in bread rations and the military methods imposed on factories.

Kronstadt Mutiny

1 March 1921

Thousands of sailors rally in Kronstadt's Anchor Square and endorse a petition calling for significant changes within the Soviet society.

Kronstadt Rebellion is overthrown

7 March 1921 - 17 March 1921

Scissors Committee Established

October 1923

Implemented the introduction of price controls in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Bolsheviks Seize Power

Bolshevik Revolution

25 October 1917 - 26 October 1917

Pro Soviet soldiers stormed the Winter Palace and Kamenev announced to Congress that the Winter Palace had fallen on the morning of the 26th

Decrees on bread and land

26 october 1917

Called for immediate peace between Russia and Germany based on 'no annexation and no indemnity.' Also abolished all private and state church property, redistributing them amongst people and sanctioned land seizures. Decree on Land took away 540 million acres from Tsar, church, nobles and landlords.

Formation of Sovnarkom and election of new CEC

27 october 1917

A government that appeared to represent the Soviets but was under Bolshevik control; Sovnarkom was an executive cabinet in control of government departments and all 14 members were Bolsheviks.


12 november 1917

36 million people voted; 'the russian people, in the freest election in modern history, voted for moderate socialism and against the bourgeoisie.'- shub

VSNKh set up to coordinate economic activity

2 december 1917

Supreme Council of the National Economy

First and Last Constituent Assembly- Marks beginning of Rule by Decree

5 January 1918

at the Tauride Palace, Chairman Chernov elected and the assembly dominated by SRs refused to endorse early Bolshevik decrees. Bolsheviks walked out and barricaded and locked the Palace the next day, dissolving the Assembly

Red army formed

23 february 1918

Name changed to the Russian Communist Party

march 1918

facilitated a fresh start and to distinguish itself from the plethora of socialist and marxist parties. Lenin extended Bolshevik controls and re-inforced the one-party state

Trotsky appointed commissar of war

march 1918

Trotsky reintroduced conscription

29 May 1918

as only 360,000 people volunteered

Attempted assassination of Lenin/ assassination of Petrograd Cheka boss

30 august 1918

Further Nationalisation Decree

29 november 1920

nationalised all factories with over 10 people, 5 if powered machinery was used

War Communism

Decree on nationalisation

28 june 1918

All private trade declared illegal

21 november 1918