US History up to 1877


Native Americans

15,000 BCE - 8,000 BCE

Ancestors of Native Americans cross to Americas
Supposedly over land bridge, not likely

Beginning of Ag.

7999 BC

Native Americans - Beginnings of agriculture in the Peruvian Andes and Mesoamerica

drought resistant Maize

400 BCE


300 BCE - 1400 CE

Trade oriented people with extensive networks to California and Mexico whose rise can be contributed to elaborate irrigation systems and maize.


150 - 900

Southern Yucatan Mesoamerican people with most advanced writing and calendrical systems


1000 CE - 1500 CE

Last mound-building culture


1100 - 1519

A warrior people who built the dominating empire in Mesoamerica, demanding sacrificial victims, gold, food, and goods from their tribute states.


1400 CE - 1600 CE

Renaissance in Western Europe

Modern Middle East