Years of Physical Education


Thomas Jefferson

April 13, 1743 - July 4, 1826
  • “Leave all the afternoon for exercise and recreation, which are as necessary as reading. I will rather say more necessary because health is worth more than learning.”
  • he believed that physical exercise did not only bodily health, but mental health as well.

“Old school”

1900 - 2000
  • Usually had large sized classes
  • athletic centric, power lifting, what many adults had when they were growing up.
  • Team sport skill development is an “old school” program, but was also brought to the "new school"
  • Most team sports focus on secondary physical education, because with a class of 50-70 are easy to manage

National Collegiate Athletic Association

  • The presidents of the five institutions like Army, Navy, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale Army.
  • Gathered to make college athletics safer, and thats house the NCAA was made.

John F. Kennedy

May 29, 1917 - November 22, 1963
  • “Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong.” - kennedy.
  • Kennedy was worried that after WWII american citizens would start gaining weight, due to the economy and the crop growth.
  • In 1962, President Kennedy got an order from Theodore Roosevelt challenging US Marine officers to finish fifty miles in twenty hours.
  • He also imposed a nation program on physical education, and sold 40,000 copies

Americans with Disabilities Act

  • The act was mandated to end the discrimination against individuals based on disabilities.
  • It also includes other topics like, employment practices, public accommodations, public services, transportation, and telecommunications.

“New school”

2000 - 2016
  • standard physical education, lifetime fitness, and healthy lifestyle.
  • This include a large variety of individual fitness and sport type activities.

No Child Left Behind Act

  • The act of Congress was a reauthorization the education from what President George W. Bush had done.
  • It had states develop assessments in basic skills to be given to all students grades third-eighth, if those states are to receive federal funding for education.

Robert Woods Johnson Foundation

  • 92 Percent of the people though P.E. should be just as important as English, Math, and Science.
  • They should be providing content for student growth.